Animart for Photoshop
August 16, 2023
Limassol, Cyprus, August 16, 2023 – Skywaylab, a Cyprus-based technology company well-known in the gamedev industry, has announced the open beta-test of its proprietary AI tool, Animart for Photoshop, that can be used for automated character and background generation. The tool previously underwent closed beta-testing from a group of artists and motion designers.

As a production company constantly working on a slew of animated creative projects for gamedev and advertising, Skywaylab decided to test the abilities of generative neural networks in-house, adding the Neural Network Research Department and the AI-based Tool Development Department to its structure. The development of Animart, an artificial intelligence-based extension for Photoshop, has enabled the company to significantly cut its production time and the decision was made to bring it to the market to share with the industry players.

Animart for PS offers the following creative process-enhancing features in the Anime, Cartoon, Fantasy, Low3D, Neon, Mosaic, RetroSciFi, Vector, and Splashart styles:

  1. Automated generation of characters, both assembled and properly divided into sets of body parts, viewed from any angle and with any kind of proportions. Generation is based on the artist’s sketches, simple settings, and prompts.
  2. Generation of any art using an artist sketch and prompt or just a prompt.

The open beta-version is offered to the general public with a set of free tokens for 2 weeks. After that it will transition to the paid-for basis. Monthly/annual subscription options will be available, or the users can purchase tokens to be used for AI-powered generation.

“We are happy to announce that Animart for Photoshop is now available to everyone. We received great feedback from our colleagues in the industry in the process of closed beta-testing, which enabled us to add new features to our tool, making it even more of a game changer. Now we look forward to receiving even more feedback as the tool is released globally,”

Says Skywaylab Studio founder Alexey Yemelyanov.

Contacts for the press:

Animart is an AI-powered Photoshop and Adobe After Effects extension that drastically cuts down the motion designer’s time spent on numerous tasks involved in creating an animated character so that the artists can focus on the creative part of their job.

Skywaylab is a Cyprus-based design and production studio that works with clients in the world of gamedev and advertising. It is a dynamic, results-driven, high-end technology company with over eight years of game making expertise and an extensive team of professionals who know how to support game developers and publishers from start to finish. Skywaylab helps its clients to create and execute quality, high-level marketing assets with a focus on 2D/3D animation.