Animart AE AE is an AI-powered tool that can generate a sliced character, rig and animate it automatically, cutting your production time by days and weeks.
How it works
1 step
Press “New character gen” and quickly adjust the colors and shapes of the handy character constructor.
2 step
Type a short description of your character into the prompt field (e. g. “fantasy princess warrior”).

The app is trained to convert these short prompts into very long and detailed ones that are fed into the neural network, which is trained to generate high-quality sliced images.
3 step
The character is generated as an atlas of parts. You can choose from different options and repeat generations, combining different variations of your character.
4 step
The character is automatically assembled and rigged with Duik Angela for further animation.
5 step
Choose any animation from the library or create your own! If you already have characters animated with Duik Bassel or Angela you can create a universal preset with animated preview in a couple of clicks!
6 step
You can also generate backgrounds in a style that matches your character.
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